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Drink lots of water or an isotonic drink throughout and after your workout sessions - at in person events we will provide a refill station for you. At in person events we will provide food throughout your retreat but bringing a snack 'just in case' will never be frowned upon!


Please wear comfortable clothing that will enable you to exercise without restriction. For in person events we recommend bringing a spare outfit incase you get really nice and sweaty and wish to change. Some layers to keep warm between classes (especially if your retreat is in the winter months) is also highly recommended. If you can please bring FLIP FLOPS as our classes are taught in bare feet or specialised grippy socks.


For in person events we will provide all the kit needed to enjoy the sessions offered. You can of course bring your own yoga mat, or mat cover/towel if you want to.



Bodies react differently to exercise and cannot be predicted. Should you feel unwell or unsure please inform us IMMEDIATELY. We will happily regress or adapt our sessions to accommodate your needs. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may occur. You can sit out of any part of our retreats you wish and we actively encourage you to self select and work within a safe range for your fitness levels (you will not receive a refund, or part refund if you do so). We want you to enjoy your day not feel exhausted for days afterwards so be kind to yourself and enjoy your retreat!



All information acquired during and prior to our retreats will be treated as privileged and confidential information. Your booking form is stored in a password protected site and abides all current data protection laws.



Please note our retreats are adult only events (unless specified in our advertising).



Please be careful when parking your car. Please avoid blocking entrances to houses and be aware our venue is on a working farm with traffic coming and going.



Please arrive ON TIME. We will be ready to welcome you. Our venue (BUNKERS BARN) is guarded by some very lovely, soppy farm dogs - they are totally harmless and will no doubt either ignore you or come over for a little welcome sniff.


If you are running late - don't panic. Drop one of us an email or text and don't rush. As mentioned our beautiful venue is on a working farm so please be careful when entering and leaving the barn. Please also be careful and aware of several accessible ramps within the venue. We cannot be responsible for any injury occurred whilst onsite.



All events must be paid for in advance directly to us. We can not reserve places and we operate a strict first come first serve bases.



Your place must be paid for prior to the event. We do not allow refunds or reserving of places due to the small group nature of our events. If you are unable to attend please let us know as soon as you can. We often have a waiting list of people - or - you can send a friend in your place. Sadly you can't roll your place on should you be unable to attend. Please note everyone attending MUST complete the form at booking prior to the event.

We reserve the right to cancel our events at any time, of course we hope this never has to happen and if it does we will do our best to reschedule the event as soon as possible or we will refund you.


We reserve the right to alter the advertised content if needed - you will be informed of this as soon as possible.



Please be aware we will be taking photos, videos and snippets of content throughout the day. Let us know if you do not want to be in any of these that are then shared on social media or our website. We promise we never share unflattering images! We also actively encourage our guests to post images from their retreats online! Don't forget to tag us @asaretreats and #asaretreats too!

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